Cancellation Policy

If an order is declined or canceled without at least a 24-hour notice, a cancellation fee will apply. The amount of this fee may differ for each order and can be as high as 50% of the total order price.

Refund Policy

At our floral boutique, we regretfully cannot provide refunds for floral compositions that have been crafted and successfully delivered to client-specified addresses, even in cases of incorrect address information. However, refunds can be granted for orders that have not yet entered the preparation phase, typically within a window of 24-48 hours before the scheduled delivery.

We kindly urge you to double-check your order details before finalizing your submission. In instances of unintentional duplicate payments, our management team will promptly address and resolve the issue.

Substitution Policy

Acknowledges that while our photos aim to capture a specific theme and may feature unique vases that can’t be replicated precisely, the bouquet you receive might not be an exact match. This can occur due to factors like weather, seasonality, and market conditions affecting item availability. Should this happen with your chosen gift, rest assured that we’ll maintain the arrangement’s style, theme, and color scheme and only substitute items of equal or higher value. If specific design elements are crucial to your order, kindly include them in the florist instructions during checkout or get in touch with us to confirm their availability.